First Meeting of the Eco-Razeni Youth Volunteer Group

Sunday, the 3rd of June, marked the first official gathering of 11 youths and 2 instructors for Eco-Razeni’s Youth Volunteer Group. The morning meeting began with greetings and introductions, followed by a few ice-breaker and team-building games. The volunteers were given some background information about volunteerism by the two instructors, who both have participated for multiple years as volunteers in their respective communities.
The general mood of the meeting was very positive and it seemed that the participants had an enjoyable time. There was a brainstorming session which provided many useful ideas for volunteer activity within the village of Razeni. Further, the volunteers studied success stories of other volunteers in Moldova. From these studies they gained both motivation and a general understanding of implementing their ideas.
By the end of the meeting, the volunteers seemed enthusiastic and ready to take on some of the shortcomings they identified in their community. Hopefully their activities will inspire other persons to take the initiative to tackle public needs as well.
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